The ARMED – DFS (Data Fusion System) our signature platform delivers a wide range of integrated plug and play technical systems. DFS provides enhanced situational awareness to security organizations, enabling appropriate utilization of and interaction in today’s information technology and social media dominated environments.

Intelligence Confluence
Our objective is to enhance and augment intelligence analysis. We achieve this through our unique Complex Hierarchical Event Processing capability that delivers enhanced situational awareness and significantly shortens the amount of man-hours that intelligence analysts or law enforcement agencies need to devote to synthesis of information.
Cutting-edge Technology
DFS integrates a variety of relevant new and proven safety, security and intelligence related systems. For example, static and mobile UAV surveillance systems capable of unlimited airborne time with day-night and infra-red imagery payloads up to 50 lbs, or acoustic gun-fire detection, vehicle and object tracking systems, advanced facial recognition, social media network identification and scanning and smart stadia/venue management including access and accreditation control, to name a few.
Scalable and Cost-effective
Our top-down hierarchy approach facilitates seamless integration and API configurations of third-party component systems in a significantly reduced time-frame compared to other systems integrators.