Advanced Situational Awareness Training

All people, events, and actions give off certain signals when they are measured against context, relevance, and the societal baseline. These ‘signals’ can be read as ‘anomalies.’ Establishing a baseline, detecting (and then acting on) these anomalies are the essence of Advanced Situational Awareness Training® and a key tool to anticipate and better resolve potentially violent situations before they unfold.

Critical Thinking
ASAT is an investment in human performance: it promotes critical thinking and training for the brain.
Across culture and geography
ASAT applies across culture and geography making the skills transferable and enduring in every area of the world.
Enhances security
ASAT complements technological solutions to enhance security (e.g. surveillance cameras).
Scientifically Validated
ASAT is scientifically validated and can be custom-tailored to any audience, environment, and threat.
All threats
ASAT applies equally to external and internal threats

ASAT for Aviation Security

ASAT In-Person Training

  • Tailored, in-person ASAT® courses are delivered by subject matter experts in a 5 day, 3 day, 2 day or 1 day format at locations designated by the client
  • The courses are comprised of academics that impart the principles and science of human behavior pattern recognition & analysis (HBPR&A) coupled with live action scenario driven practical application that best replicates the client’s work environment
  • In-person training provides students with hands-on experience leading to the development of individual and team adaptability and resilience

ASAT eLearning Training

Webinars: Live event, two or four hour format, delivered by subject matter experts
Online Course: One hour, self-paced, online program of instruction that imparts the principles and science of HBPR&A with real world scenarios integrated throughout the course to ensure ASAT® skills are effectively transferred.

  • As with in-person training, ASAT® eLearning can be tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Course is easily integrated onto existing corporate Learning Management Systems or ARMED can host ASAT® eLearning on a standalone network

ASAT References

ASAT® training has been scientifically validated by multiple human factors studies conducted by US Government research organizations to include the Center for Naval Analysis, the US Army Research Institute, the US Army Research Lab and several government-funded not-for-profit research entities. Across every study, ASAT®’s science was validated and the approach cited as highly effective.

Field Director
Commercial Airline
“Incredibly valuable training. The relevance was beyond security and the principals can be applied easily to Service Level…Many of the skills are “known” but this program helps us build confidence in probing and/or reporting and taking action. It also provides a sense of “ok” to question due to 3 circumstances even if the circumstances end up just being a most likely. VERY WORTH THE INVESTIMENT.”
Commercial Airline
“This course was very beneficial. While traveling, I will definitely be more in-tune with what is happening around me.”
Navy SEALs
“This course material should be provided to all Naval Special Warfare personnel before being deployed. This training is a capability multiplier and should be considered essential.”
Special Agent
Secret Service
“Outstanding. This course is very relevant to my assignment with the US Secret Service. We observe people every day and the skills I have learned here will help me make more accurate and concise descriptions and explanations about a subject’s behavior when we are requesting this person is to be stopped and interviewed. This class is the most important training I have had so far for my current assignment and is applicable to all other aspects of my job. Every agent should attend situational awareness training such as this.”
Special Agent
Secret Service
“Important to assisting with identification of potential threats at protection sites.”
Special Forces
“Outstanding. 100% relevant for any of us who interact with humans. Highly important for reading the environment, reading people and situations we deal with. It provides articulable science behind why we know what we know and feel during interactions."
Law Enforcement
“Extremely relevant. It exposes situations we may be either in or around in our travels with protectees. Extremely important. Understanding the cues and thought process helps equip us with the skills we need to get out in front of these situations and prevent any unwanted outcomes."
Law Enforcement
“Every agent and uniform officer should receive similar training to ensure effective communication when reporting incidents.”
Army Special Forces
“This training is especially relevant to any operator that will/would conduct engagements at a personal level. Stressing and teaching about things like Heuristics, Kinesics, etc. goes a long way toward developing and enhancing situational awareness across the force. I think everyone in our group would attest to that. I am a believer in the importance of this training.”